So, You’re Building Your First New Website (HowToPt.1)

So, You’re Building Your First New Website? Part 1.

By Randy Yancey, Admin/Webmaster for APO Website Group

So, you’ve decided that a Facebook page or Instagram account is not enough to get you noticed online! And, you decided that the heart of a brand is its fully functional website. And you decided it is time to have a ‘heart’ of your ‘brand’! The good news is, you are right!

My name is Randy Yancey, and I built my first website using WordPress in early 2009! Up to that point, I had been a long-time computer user, mostly an old MacIntosh 512k I’d bought in 1985 when the Mac was first released by Apple! That’s for a different article, though a fun one to write I’m sure! I decided to write this tutorial for those persons or small businesses that are just now starting to get into online marketing or just want a place to blog and write about what interests them.

For those of you that have website design and building experience, you might want to read or view some of our other content here on more interesting to experienced bloggers and website designers, admins and owners!

Here’s an outline of what I’m going to cover from start to finish!

  • Picking the right ‘domain name’ for your website! Important for SEO and SER (search engine ranking)
  • Choosing the correct category ‘keywords’, single or long-tailed, etc.
  • Choosing a hosting company and plan. * Getting one with CPanel, Email, and support is important!
  • Setting up your first domain and using Cpanel and file manager to upload files/folders.
  • DNS zones and setting websites Nameservers!
  • Patience while waiting for the website to propagate!
  • Uploading the most current version of WordPress via File Manager on Cpanel.
  • Setting the Settings on your dashboard as admin! 
  • Some of the initial WordPress plugins you will need to upload to your public HTML folder.
  • Installing & Activating Initial Plugins.
  • Deleting the placeholder posts and comments.
  • Writing and publishing your first article/video.
  • Working with images and other content.
  • Connecting Your Site to Social Networks.
  • Enjoying and Growing Your Website!
  • Monetizing your website (Generating Income) if that’s your desire. 

* We offer website hosting plans, with Cpanel, Email, and support for only $9.95 a month on our VPS server very affordable and we have tons of WordPress experience too!

I could go on and list another 10-20 things on the list but this will get you up and running and we offer affordable services in addition to hosting your website, such as initial setup of your website including most of the items mentioned above.  Contact me, Randy, at via email for additional info and pricing dependent upon ‘size’ of the end project! Put, Website Inquiry in the subject line!

  • Picking the right ‘domain name’ for your website!

First, choosing the ‘right’ domain name’ for your website! This is first as it’s one of the most important items on the list. You must have a website name that tells someone at a glance what your website is all about! If you’re into ‘horseback riding’ and teaching others to ride too, would you get more visitors to ‘Training My Dog’ or ‘Learning to Ride a Horse’? So, the domain name might be a good one, if it’s ‘available’ and someone else doesn’t already own it.

In order to know what domain names have been taken and which haven’t, I suggest you go to, and type in some possible names for your domain, and see if they are available to own. GoDaddy charges from $1.00 to 17.99 annually to buy and register that domain to your name!

  • Let’s take a moment for this example, and play around with some keywords and then search GoDaddy to find a great, available domain name based on these keywords.
  • Keywords are;       bakery, baker, old town bakery, cinnamon rolls, baked bread, rye bread, the oldest bakery in town, freshly baked bread, baked daily.
  • Click Here to go to and find the search bar, and enter a few of the names for your website for Old Town Bakery dot com and see if those domain names are available to buy and register!  Then, write down the domain name you found, and come back here to continue through the list!! Don’t forget to get on google search before you buy that name, search all variations of your domain name to see how man searches there are for that name and for the keywords we outlined above. If nobody is searching then chances are that the domain name may not be easy to get it ranked high on google search.
  • Let’s say that the domain name ‘’ was available and you now own it. The next step would be to set it up at a hosting company by signing up for a hosting plan.
  • As I outlined above, for our new clients, we offer full Cpanel hosting accounts for only $9.95 per month. Included will be unlimited email addresses, as many ‘pages’ as you will need, and unlimited post content! Also, first-year domain privacy only $9.99 for the first year, if wanted!
  • I’ll also personally help you get the site up and running and give you a 30 minute Q&A phone session for us to chat and answer any little questions that come up the first 30 days from launching your new site! No deals out there like this, I want you to go check. Here’s a couple of hosting companies you can check., Hostgator, Blue Host, and dozens of others. Compare for 1st-year costs, paid monthly, with unlimited email, bandwidth and content posts, etc. Most will be over $80 even $100 dollars and doubling the next year at renewal.

End of Part 1, Watch for Part 2 coming October 31st!


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