How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Fitness Business

Interested in how to start your own affiliate marketing program? In this video I’ll walk you through your software options, how much you should pay affiliates, how to find and recruit good affiliates, empowering them to promote your business, and how to take things to the next level.

Affiliate marketing is an effective, low cost way of acquiring new customers and expanding the reach of your online fitness business.

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Check Out These Sections Of the Video:
00:00 – Starting Your Affiliate Marketing Program
00:22 – Rewardful
01:31 – Refersion
02:15 – How much should you pay affiliates?
03:33 – How do you find and recruit good affiliates?
04:21 – How do you empower your affiliates to successfully promote your offer?
06:15 – How do you take your affiliate program to the next level?

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As a leading video monetization platform, our mission at Uscreen is to empower you to follow your passion and make money doing what you love.

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