How To Become A Twitch Affiliate 2020

DONT!!! Become A Twitch Affiliate 2020

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Hello, my friend!!!

On this Channel, we talk about how to earn money for making videos. Specifically with the call of duty and affiliate marking.

Most people think you earn a lot of money from either Twitch or YouTube.

False!!! you can have thousands of followers and still not make a full-time living.

But if you make Twitch and YouTube A Business you can earn thousands of dollars as I have with little subscribers.

I have a 15-day course that after your done, you will be able to launch your YouTube to make money 💰

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Make YouTube your full-time income if you want. Love y’all peace

They did not Teach You In school about how to make money.

How to Create Multiple Streams Of Income

How to think like the top 5% of the people in the world.

How to Get better credit
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