3 Skills for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing | Malayalam

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In this video, I’m trying to give a brief about 3 Skills for Beginners Affiliate Marketing in Malayalam!!

Most of us are interested to make money when we are relaxing or in any other work. That’s why Affiliate Marketing getting the Hot topic in this field. It can leverage our passive income with initial systematic actions.

I’m not an expert in Affiliate Marketing, But I can guide you to start Affiliate marketing without making the same mistakes I have done in my initial days. I just need to motivate you with my small income from Affiliate marketing without working full time on it.

Affiliate Marketing is somewhat easy if you can handle 3 skills
1. Create the content on a Niche
2. Create a website
3. Digital Marketing/ Attract traffic to the website

If you can manage these 3 things, then you do not need another one to run your affiliate marketing business.

Comment your experience from this video and let me plan more videos on the same topic.

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