Affilate Marketing oder Network Marketing?
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Es gibt ungeheuer viele Angebote im Internet, die Ihnen unbegrenzte Einkommen versprechen. Tatsächlich sind die meisten nur reine Abzocker Systeme.

Sie Sie immer skeptisch, wenn von 4 stelligen Einkommen pro Woche, Tag oder gar Stunde die Rede ist.

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Afilliate Marketing Without A Website Affiliate Marketing Without A website

There are as many online marketing tips as there are strategies. One thing I want to emphasise here and that is to make sure that you don’t do a lot of strategies at the same time. It is better to concentrate on one at a time and no more (if you must) than two at a time. Too Many spread out their efforts too much and get no results.

I have had great experiences with online marketing and have received great results especially doing Facebook PPC marketing. I have been blessed to get thousands of opt in leads. When I first started I could not crack the code but because of the wonderful mentors in my life I have been able to learn awesome Online Marketing tips.

I went from paying $7.00 per lead on an average to paying around .60 per lead and now with YouTube marketing will see better results.

As far as Facebook the trick is learning to work on power editor and split testing your paid ads. Also not to spend more than 3 dollars per day until you are averaging not more than $2.00 per lead and then you should bring that down by testing different things in your ads.

Learn about tracking pixels etc. This is just a Glimpse in your journey to knowledge on this subject.

But enjoy,

For me it has been a very enjoyable and enlightening journey!

I hope that you are helped in the things I have put into this video and the subsequent videos linked to this on

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Cómo crear una Estrategia de Marketing Online con Clara Ávila, y Clara Ávila le cuenta a Alicia Senovilla las claves fundamentales de toda Estrategia y Plan de Marketing Online.


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