Juubeo the new affiliate program, unlimited income!

Register for free at https://goo.gl/0gIHU4 (and receive free credits to win prizes)

Juubeo is a cooperative organisation which shares its profits with his members.
-Coop Pool Dividend of all revenue paid back to the members.
-Coop Pool Dividend pays out 3% of all revenue on a monthly basis.

Build your own personal Coop within Juubeo.

-Unique Coop System that pays out direct sales bonus and referral bonus in 5 levels.
-Start building your Coop now by referring new members to our system, each refer results in 50 credits. No matter of the refer spend some money or not.
-You will receive a sales bonus on all Juubeo service payments they made.
-You will receive a winners bonus if anyone from your coop wins an auction.


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